Historically, women and children have experienced systematic and institutionalized inequality in our society. We recognize that women and children are disadvantaged by our patriarchal society and because of this, are frequently victimized through violence. We recognize that violence against women and children is both an expression of their disadvantage and a coercive tool used to ensure its perpetuation.

Three Oaks, as part of a comprehensive network of services for women and children who have been victimized by violence, provides safe shelter, advocacy, education, and nonjudgmental supportive counselling within a feminist perspective.

For the purpose of this mandate, feminism means recognizing the oppression of women and demonstrating a commitment to:

  • respecting individual differences;
  • respecting the rights of all persons;
  • working towards equality for all women;
  • ensuring accessibility of all services;
  • providing opportunity, and protecting the right to exercise choice within an equal society.

We are committed to the promotion of equality and the end of violence in our world.

To this end,

Three Oaks will:

  1. Provide temporary shelter to women and children
  2. Provide nonjudgmental, supportive counselling from a feminist perspective
  3. Advocate on behalf of women and children
  4. Educate the public about violence against women and children.